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Basepump Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

Basepump has no battery to wear out or maintain, no charger to plug in or monitor, and is designed as an automatic, independent system from the primary sump pump. Basepump is essentially in a class by itself. Mounted on the ceiling, high above the sump, it doesn't have to fight the downward force of the water that most competitors' pumps must push up vertically. For this reason, Basepump consistently removes more water per hour than other water powered backup sump pumps and even rivals the best battery powered backup sump pumps, short- and long- term. Period. So instead of a flooded basement because of a sump pump failure or a power failure, install a water powered Basepump backup sump pump before it happens.

Basepump Ejector showing the water entry and exit points

More details about how Basepump works.


  • RB750 $269.00
  • RB750-EZ $279.00
  • HB1000 $359.00
  • HB1000-PRO $389.00
  • HB1000-PRO-V $409.00
  • CB1500 $395.00

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Five Year Limited Warranty

Basepump Features

  • Highest pumping rates in the industry.
  • Most reliable operating system on the market.
  • Heavy duty construction, made from corrosion resistant polypropylene.
  • Simple to install; detailed instructions included, basic plumbing skills are required.
  • Low cost of operation (only the cost of the water during actual operation).
  • No moving parts to break and no maintenance required.
  • No Battery or charger needed to operate unit, to maintain or to replace.
  • Water Alarm included, independent, battery operated.
  • Unlimited operation time as long as the water supply is available.
  • day product satisfaction guarantee.
  • Five year Limited Warranty, longest in the industry.

Basepump Models

Gallons of Sump Water Removed per Hour.
10 ft. Lift at These Static Water Pressures
Model40 lbs PSI60 lbs PSI80 lbs PSI90 lbs PSIGPM


700 750 800 900 7
950 1,000 1,200 1,400 10
CB1500 1,400 1,500 1,700 2,000 15

Basepump uses 1 Gallon of City Water to remove 2 Gallons of Sump Water at an average of 90 lbs. PSI and 10 Feet Lift

This chart simply means that if you have the given water pressure in your home, with all faucets and Basepump turned OFF, the pumping rates shown in this chart are the rates you should expect from the model you choose. The pumping rate in your home may vary depending on factors such as restrictions in your water lines or long discharge pipes.

Water Alarm Photo

Included Water Alarm

Choosing Size

"How do you know what size to buy?"

Two primary factors, other than money, influence this decision. Typically you determine the pumping NEED first and then determine how large a pump your water supply in your home can support. Here's how you do that:

  1. Your pumping need: How often does your electric sump pump run during a rainy period generally speaking:
    If the time between pumping cycles is more than 4 minutes then you would probably need an RB750.
    If the time between pumping cycles is less than 4 minutes then you would probably need an HB1000.
    If the time between pumping cycles is less than 2 minutes then you would probably need a CB1500; this model is rarely used in residential homes. The reason will become clear in the next section.

    Now that you've answered that question, do this simple test:
  2. Your pumping capability: How much pump is your municipal water supply capable of running?
    To calculate this, do a 5 Gallon Bucket Test. It's simple and easy to do and requires no special equipment: just a bucket and a watch.
    Fill a 5 Gallon bucket to the 5 Gallon Level as quickly as you can at your standard outside hose spigot, without the hose, and time it with a watch or stopwatch.

If you can fill 5 gallons in less than 40 seconds, the RB750 will work.
If you can fill 5 Gallons in less than 30 seconds, you may use the HB1000 or the RB750.
If you can fill 5 Gallons in less than 20 seconds, you may use the CB1500, or the HB1000, or the RB750.
Now put your pumping need, #1, together with your pumping capability, #2, and you have the answer; you can use a smaller pump than the bucket test shows, but not a larger one, even if your "pumping need" appears higher. There are a few exceptions to be aware of as seen here: 5 Gallon Bucket Test, as shown on our Homeowners Page.

You can print out your own Easy 3-Step Basepump Selection Guide here.

Included with All Basepump Models:

  • Basepump Ejector made from polypropylene to resist rust, corrosion, and scale build-up.
  • One-way check valve to prevent reversal of water flow down into sump to protect your home.
  • Mounting clamps and screws.
  • Discharge relief tee to provide back-pressure and to keep pump running even when the drain is plugged.
  • Cable tie nylon straps to keep things neat.
  • PVC fittings to connect your suction and discharge piping.
  • Flexible PVC discharge hose, 6 feet long, to help make the discharge piping easier.
  • Float assembly to operate the ejector valve.
  • Transfer tube to connect the float to the ejector hydraulically.
  • Suction screen to keep foreign objects out of the pump ejector.
  • Installation instructions that are complete, fully illustrated, and easy to follow.
  • Water alarm with 9 Volt battery and relay outputs included, a $29.00 Value, with every Basepump purchased, to warn you of a high water condition.
    This alarm may be connected to your security system or to an independent auto-dialer. (Note: alarm photo may vary slightly from actual alarm.)

We have No-Sweat (Push-fit) water supply installation kits that take the fear out of doing it yourself, as well as pressure reducers for especially high pressure situations on our Accessories Page. See our Back-Flow Prevention Page for Dual Check Valves, Vacuum Breakers, and RPZ Valve Units.


  • RB750 $269.00
  • RB750-EZ $279.00
  • HB1000 $359.00
  • HB1000-PRO $389.00
  • HB1000-PRO-V $409.00
  • CB1500 $395.00

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied with your new Basepump, Base Products Corp. (The Company) will refund your money, in full, excluding shipping charges. Pump must be in its original package with all parts included and in salable condition. Please contact the dealer where you purchased your pump to obtain refund. If purchased directly from The Company, you must call our Customer Satisfaction Department at 1 800 554 1426 to process return or to receive Technical Assistance. Please give your name, address, phone number, date of purchase, and address of the installation.

Five Year Limited Warranty