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Hydropump Battery Backup Sump Pump

We have several Hydropump brand sump pump battery backup models that are easy to install, reasonably priced, and very reliable. All our backup sump pumps include a water alarm and everything you should need for installation, except the battery.

Each model connects to the primary sump pump discharge pipe 2-3 feet above the floor. This means the pump is much easier to install, usually without removing the primary pump to do it. Except in very rare cases, all your connections are made above the floor, not down inside the sump.

Hydropump has a two year limited warranty.

When installing a battery backup sump pump, you should look for ease of installation. All our models install quickly and easily and  include everything you should need except the battery. We recommend a standard size, maintenance-free 12 Volt Marine Deep Cycle Battery, either Sealed Lead-Acid, AGM, or Gel type battery, available locally. For convenience, you may also buy your battery from us. See our AGM and Gel Batteries and buy them on our purchasing page. We include a high-impact, plastic battery case #27 that protects the battery and the terminals and is designed to keep the battery safely covered and properly ventilated. We strongly recommend a Maintenance-Free type of battery; it's too easy to find yourself with a dead battery because you forgot to maintain it.

Hydropump Models

Here's a little food for thought. Certainly there are cases where the only choice for a backup sump pump is a battery powered one. That's why we make them and that's why we sell them.
However, take a look at the following chart and consider your options:

Backup Sump Pumps:

Battery powered vs. Water Powered

Easy Do-it-Yourself Project Yes Maybe
Good for short-term power outages Yes Yes
Good for long-term power outages No Yes
Regular Maintenance required Yes No
Battery replacement required Yes No
Electricity needed Yes No
Charger to maintain Yes No
Average lifespan 8-10 Years 25+ Years

Ours vs. Theirs

Comparison of our larger check valve vs. their smaller check valve

The photo to the left shows a side-by-side comparison of the check valve used in "Their" model (on the right) as it stands next to one of "Ours" (on the left). They have not been re-touched to exaggerate the size difference; only the background was removed for clarity. This small, rubber "check valve" is essentially a rubber thimble with the top cut open to create a flap. This is what stands between your dry basement and your flooded basement.

Which one would you rather have in YOUR backup sump pump system?

Hydropump Model:
  • DH900-M $189.00
  • RH1400 $349.00

Need a Battery for your new Hydropump battery powered backup sump pump? Click here.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 30 days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied with your new Hydropump, Base Products Corp. (The Company) will refund your money, in full, excluding shipping charges. Pump must be in its original package with all parts included and in salable condition. Please contact the dealer where you purchased your pump to obtain refund. If purchased directly from The Company, you must call our Customer Satisfaction Department at 1 800 554 1426 to process return or to receive Technical Assistance. Please give your name, address, phone number, date of purchase, and address of the installation.

Two Year Limited Warranty